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Trading with cosmetic products on the EU market

For the realization of a cosmetic product on the EU market you need the following documentation:

  • Availability of record of the cosmetic product containing acc. Article 11 of Regulation 1223/2009 G:
    • Product Description
    • Method of production / + GMP declaration
  • Safety Report
    • Information on animal testing
    • A report on the safety of a cosmetic product according to Annex I of Regulation 1223/2009, are made based on product documentation that includes at least the following:
  • Qualitative and quantitative composition INCI / recipe / product;
  • Product Specifications, physicochemical and microbiological / protocol analysis, incl. analysis of heavy metals – As, Hg, Pb, Cd /;
  • Specifications and Safety Data Sheets / Safety Data Sheets – SDS / all the individual components of the product, perfume compositions and essential oils (if any composition) -Besides SDS, list of quantitation of allergens in SC;
    • Minimum durability / + protocol stability * /;
    • Producer / least country of origin for products imported from outside the EU /;
    • Method of production / + S to follow the principles of good manufacturing practice of cosmetic products (Cosmetics GMP- Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice) by the manufacturer / supplier of the product.
    • The label of the product (acc. Art.19) – creatives on the unit package, method of use …;
    • Information on product packaging – what material is made, purity and stability / + protocol compatibility of the package with the product * /

It is also necessary to document current status of the “responsible person.”

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