What Bulgaria can offer you?

Political and business stability

Low cost of doing business

Bulgaria has the most favorable tax regime in Europe.

Strategic location

Located at the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a strategic logistics hub. Ease of transportation of cargo is provided by

Access to markets

Due to its location Bulgaria provides direct access to the following key markets:

Human resources


Why Bulgaria?

  • 10% corporate tax rate

    Bulgaria has the most favourable tax regime in EU

  • 10% personal income flat tax rate

    The most competitive costs of labor in European Union

  • 0% dividend tax for EU tax residents

    5% withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas

  • 0% VAT for export in the European Union

    The VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20% and 9% for touristic services

  • Bulgaria is a member of the EU

    Strategic location and access to markets in Europe, Middle East, etc.

  • Avoiding double taxation

    Double taxation treaties with more than than 60 countries

  • Stability of the currency

    Supported by the currency board, BGN 1 = EUR 1.95583

  • Low business cost

    High-trained employees, outsourcing opportunities

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