Frequently Asked Questions

Here you should find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about starting a business in Bulgaria. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us and we will get back to you with extended information!

LTD (also LLC or OOD) means a Limited liability company. That is the most suitable way of business organization for small and medium businesses. Your Ltd company is easy to manage with low cost for operation.
Any foreign person or legal entity is allowed to be owner of shares of a Bulgarian company. The company can have one shareholder (sole owned) or more shareholders (no limitation for the number). It is not needed a Bulgarian citizen to appear as shareholder or manager of the company.
Any foreign person is allowed to be manager of a Bulgarian company. The manager can be a person who is not owner of shares or can also be a shareholder. The Ltd. Company can have more than one shareholders who can represent the company jointly or separately.
A foreign person from any nationality (EU or non EU) can be manager and shareholder in a company registered in Bulgaria.
We offer different packages depending of your future business activity. The prices of each package include all fees and expenses related to the registration of a LTD company. You need to pay for the registration of the company when you submit the application form.
Yes, you need an address in Bulgaria as an official company's address. We can also provide you with a company's address (virtual office). linked to services It will be used to receive any official correspondence for the LTD from the official authorities to that address. We will resend them to you with explanation.
The minimum nominal capital of the company is 2 BGN that is about 1 EUR (equal to 1.95583 BGN). The capital is divided in shares with minimum amount of 1 BGN each. In our price we included 10 BGN as a nominal capital of the company. If you want hire amount you will additionally pay the difference.
You can choose any name of your company that is unique. Before preparing the company documents we will verify if there is other company registered in the Commercial Registry with the same name. We have to make the verification in Cyrillic (the official Bulgarian alphabet).
After we receive your request for company registration we will verify the name you have chosen and will prepare all documents that are needed. You will receive the documents by email with detailed instructions for signing. After we receive the documents signed we will proceed with the registration of the company.
Only the manager(s) of the company has to sign two documents that shall be verified:
  1. a specimen (sample of the signature)
  2. a power of attorney with authorization for the company's registration

Those documents shall be signed before a notary public and apostilled or signed before the Bulgarian consul (without apostille). The rest of the documents need the simple signature of the manager or shareholder. The expenses for the delivery of the documents to our address in Bulgaria link to contact us is not included in the price for company's registration.

We will be glad to meet you in person in our office in Bulgaria and if you decide so we will assist you with the signing of documents before a Bulgarian notary. Otherwise it is not needed to travel to Bulgaria for the registration of the company. You can send to us the documents by post or delivery company. The expenses for the delivery of the documents to our address in Bulgaria link to contact us is not included in the price for company's registration.
You will have your company registered in 3-5 working days after we receive the hard copy of the documents that you have signed.
Once you company is registered in the Commercial Registry it has no VAT registration and can operate only in Bulgaria. If you need to invoice foreign companies a VAT (VIES) registration shall be needed. It take about 2- 3 weeks after all documents are signed to receive the VAT number.
If the company is active and no employees are hired at least the manager has to pay insurance in Bulgaria. If the manger is also a shareholder he or she can be registered as "self-employed" and pay the minimum social contributions that is about 70 EUR per month.

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